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Prices for portraits of adults verses prices for portraits of children.

When visiting different portrait websites or reading various portrait brochures, I noticed that some artists charge different prices for children's portraits and portraits of adults. Other artists use the same price lists.

I don't find children any easier to paint nor adults anymore difficult. So I charge the same price, no matter the age. For me the price increase or difference depends more on other factors such as head and shoulders verses full figure.

However, I am always open to suggestions, and I thought that perhaps some of you would be willing to share whether or not you charge the same or different prices for portraits of adults or children. Also it would be good if you could share your rationale behind your decision, especially if the price varies.

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Michele Rushworth Michele Rushworth is offline
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I charge the same for adults as I do for children, and vary the price based on how much of the person is in the image.

However, those artists who charge a different scale for children and adults have two reasons, as far as I've heard. One is that a full length of an adult is going to be a bigger painting than a full length of a child and hence the fee is higher.

The second reason is that adult portraits are often corporate commissions and that their ability to pay is often greater. That opens the whole can of worms about whether it is ethical to charge more just because a client can afford more. (I don't think it is, personally.) That is one of the reasons I have heard, though, for why some artists charge more for adult subjects.
Michele Rushworth
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