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Jean-Fran Jean-Fran is offline
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Any feedback on casein based "Spectrafix" fixative ?

Has anyone here ever tried Spectrafix ? I have been told about it quite some time ago, but only today did I decide to order some to see for myself. I wondered if any of you had already tried it, and if you have tips, warnings or anything to say about the product. Thank you.
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Richard Bingham Richard Bingham is offline
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More out of idle curiosity than need (and also to try to help a friend who works in pastels) awhile back, I did a shallow research on fixatives which revealed that supposedly, Degas had a "secret" fix which is presumed to have supplied his pastel works with a unique advantage.

About all that could be learned for certain, is that he purchased the fixative from an individual who was reputed to have compounded it from sheep's milk (casein).

I, too would be very interested to learn pastellists' experiences with this product, which sounds like it would be a good item. Practically all of the commonly available fixatives put up in aerosol "bomb"s are no more than nitrocellulose lacquer . . . same as a lot of hairsprays.
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