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Framing Advice Needed

I hope I don't get banned for kind of cross posting, but I posted a sample of this portrait in my new member intro as an update.

I mentioned in my member intro that I am working on my first official portrait. It isn't complete but am posting it up anyway. The photo isn't the greatest. I have been taking progressive photos as the painting is coming along but am not doing any special lighting etc...

I offered to do a portrait for the university president (where I teach graphic design) and would do so for free as long as he paid for the frame and, as long as he is happy with the portrait, that he would help promote my services to others. (my bit of marketing effort to get things started - hope it works!) My wife thinks it's a stupid idea but I figured I needed a really solid painting to start marketing myself with.

Here is the progress - any feedback is welcome. I have just roughed in the hands and face and am saving those areas for last. There is a TON of filigree on the bands on the sleeves, the presidential chain and medallion as well. I am a little intimidated and have been working around those areas but have been looking at Anthony Van Dyck and Ingres for inspiration.

- - -

Now about framing. The portrait is 30" x 40". I have only purchased frames from pictureframes.com and those only in smaller sizes.

This is my first official portrait and it's a larger size portrait as well. I would take any advice on framing this type of portrait and possible sources. We have a faculty show coming up in January and am trying to get the portrait finished and framed for that show.

So, any advice?


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Jerry L. Berg, II
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Jeff Morrow Jeff Morrow is offline
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Try fishing around the web at some of those frame companies that have ads in the artist magazines. Pleinairframes.com for instance. They may have a frame in that size - that is a standard size. Or they can make one. I have established relationships with a couple of framers in my town. Are you near a city that has a medium to high-end framing resource? Perhaps someone from the university would like to be there when the frame is chosen. That might make them feel involved.
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Alexandra Tyng Alexandra Tyng is offline
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Jerry, this could be tricky if you are not careful, becuse the President is paying for the frame, but it also has to meet the approval of the University in which it will hang. I would suggest finding a suitable framer (maybe one the President likes) and trying to arrange to met him and a representative from the University there, with the unfinished work. Try different frames on the portrait. You might be surprised at how much he is willing to pay for a frame! Yes, sometimes it is comparable to the cost of the portrait, yet clients rarely blink an eye.
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