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Anthony Emmolo Anthony Emmolo is offline
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Real vision- Words from the pen of Helen Keller

"Sometimes I rose at dawn and stole into the garden while the heavy dew lay on the grass and flowers. Few know the joy it is to feel the roses pressing softly into the hand, or the beautiful motion of the lilies as they sway in the morning breeze. Sometimes I caught an insect in the flower I was plucking, and I felt the faint noise of a pair of wings rubbed together in a sudden terror, as the little creature became aware of a pressure from without." Page 25 The Story Of MY Life.

"Again, it was the growth of a plant that furnished the text for a lesson. We bought a lily and set it in a sunny window. Very soon the green, pointed buds showed signs of opening. The slender, fingerlike leaves on the outside opened slowly, reluctantly, I thought, to reveal the loveliness they hid; once having made a start, however, the opening process went on rapidly, but in order and systematically. There was always one bud larger and more beautiful than the rest, which pushed her outer covering back with more pomp, as if the beauty in soft, silky robes knew that she was the lily-queen by divine right, while her more timid sisters doffed their green hoods shyly, until the whole plant was one nodding bough of loveliness and fragrance." Page 27 The Story Of My Life.

I was sitting quietly in a cafe last night reading these words and thought, what vision this youth had! If I with my two eyes could learn to see what she saw, what unexplored sensitivities would my paintings have? What never before experienced joys would my days bring?

During my first workshop with David Leffel, I asked him how to paint the essence of the subject, his fears, his achievements, his story. Thinking my question was naive, I didn't know what kind of answer I'd get from David. But he confidently replied. "You mean you want to learn to paint." That was a moment of memory that has changed my relationship to painting. David gave me the confidence that my aims were possible. Helen Keller last night showed me what possibilities exist for us. We only need to slow down, and BE THERE with the paintbrush and the model.

Kindly respond with thoughts on vision.
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David Draime David Draime is offline
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Really beautiful. Xie xie ni.
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Allan Rahbek Allan Rahbek is offline
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you are right, it is all about being there.

Many artists have spoken about that. Andrew Wyeth: "I
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John Reidy John Reidy is offline
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The thoughts and words are recorded more eloquently than I can ever hope to and have ever read. The conclusion is true. We, as portrait artists strive to be there and record the truth.

My first art teacher for drawing and painting taught us to always ask, "What is the subject doing?" and then to postulate that with our knowledge of light, angles and color and then record it.

Any success at painting lies in my ability to accomplish that.
John Reidy
Que sort-il de la bouche est plus important que ce qu'entre dans lui.
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