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Cynthia Daniel 03-05-2020 05:20 PM

Portrait job opportunity
A contact I have in the portrait world has asked me to act as liaison for a job opportunity. Please message me rather than posting questions publicly.


Does your talent for portrait painting match your love for the art? Does painting in an Artistsí Studio, collaborating with other experienced artists, and some travel appeal to you?

If so, we seek a personable, easy communicator who is willing to move to our beautiful Southern state. If you live on either of the coasts, most likely our cost of living is far lower!

The position is guaranteed up to $50,000 first year, with the possibility to earn much more. After the first year, you may earn $100,000+ annually, plus other benefits. To help you get settled, an apartment is available for 6 months at no cost. Hours can be full time or some part time depending on our mutual requirements. You can also pursue your own non-competing art career.

If interested, we would like to view your resume and portrait samples either through Dropbox upload or your web site. After these are reviewed, candidates will be selected for an interview.

For further instructions, please private message our liaison, Cynthia Daniel.

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