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Marcus Lim 05-31-2005 09:40 PM

Printing what you see on screen
I use Paintshop and Photoshop to adjust my clients' photographs before working on canvas. They always look perfect on-screen, but i could never get my printer to print exactly. I wonder if i could hear from you, on how i can correct this problem?
I use an Epson Stylus C63 printer. Thanks a lot! :)

Michael Fournier 09-09-2013 11:27 AM

The key to accurate preview on screen to what prints on paper (printing of any kind from ink jet to offset printing in publications) is a good calibrated display and using the correct display color profiles in Photoshop.
Also what color profile is used with your printer drivers (if they accept a profile that is) also effects how your prints come out.

Graphic artist have been fighting to get calibrated accurate "What you see it what you get" WYSWG on screen preview for many years. In the past when large CRT graphics displays were used artist paid high prices for calibrated graphics displays from manufactures like Barco and Radius. Today LCD Flat screens have taken over but there are still calibration profiles for use in Photoshop that will help match your screen display to the gama and color profile of your printing device.

Maybe this will help

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