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Mike McCarty Mike McCarty is offline
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Jeremy by Will Enns

This photo was taken, and originally posted by member Will Enns.

This was taken with my Minolta D7. The original file is 1920x2560 pixels and contains a great deal of detail in the shadows than can not be seen on these tiny thumbnails.

The subject is my daughter's boyfriend, dressed for prom.

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Mike McCarty
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Garth Herrick Garth Herrick is offline
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This is a good photo, well composed and sensitively lit.

My main purpose for writing is to comment about a color cast I see on my monitor. Was this photo shot in incandescent light with an incandescent light setting on your digital camera? My Nikon D100 will sometimes interpret an odd magenta cast (like I see in your image) in certain black fabrics. It is as if it can see color where my human eye cannot. I notice that the silky black collar is more neutral black than the body of the suit.

I have shot concert images of a regional boy's choir in incandescent light. When they wear black pull-over shirts, half of them will have a magenta cast while the rest will be neutral black, depending upon the dye lot of the cloth. The same is true when they wear their signature forest green blazers. Some will be green though a magenta filter and the others will be green, again apparently depending on the particular dye lot of the cloth. When I see these kids together in person, I cannot detect these color inconsistencies.

Of course it is simple to color correct this in Photoshop, but it is one more little hassle.
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Will Enns Will Enns is offline
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Thank you, Garth.

The lighting is totally natural.

In this instance the cast may have resulted from correcting skin tones introduced by the green walls in my living room. But I suspect, as you suggest, that it is a characteristic of the cloth itself.

Will Enns
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