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question Help with new studio lighting please

Hello artists,
After painting for many years I am finally going to get a studio. I am using a room in our house, 16'x10' and today the contractor removed the ceiling. It's going to have a vaulted ceiling with two 2'x4' skylight on the roof portion facing north. There is also a standard sized window (30"x50") on the north wall of the room. Also a widow on the south side and TWO windows facing east. I'm planning on putting curtains on every window so I can control the light. Dark thick non-reflective curtains (velvet like) and the walls will be dark greenish gray.

Here is where I need the help: To paint my model I would like to have all the light coming from one direction: north. So, the skylights will be facing north and as close to the bottom of the roofline, and the north facing window, as possible. I feel like that will get me lots of north light. But I feel I also need some more lights for cloudy or rainy days. I am thinking of one or possibly two banks of 4 tubes for some daylight tubes. My gut feeling says I need to get them over there on the north side of the room too, maybe right above the skylights (by that I mean closer to the peak of the roof) or below, closer to the wall. That way I can supplement the natural light on dreary days.

What about the other side of the room? Should I have a bank of lights up on that sloped ceiling too? I can always turn whatever I don't need off. I plan to have a pretty chandelier hanging from the middle of the room, perhaps not the most practical but it's my dream studio so I'm adding that luxury. That will give me a little light but I imagine that'll be turned off during the actual painting time.

Before this remodel I would paint with a spotlight on my model, a little light leaking in through the blinds usually from the east, and a 60 Watt bulb in the overhead fan/light combo.

Any help with the configuration of the sky lights and daylight tubes will be greatly appreciated. As a side note, I don't generally paint at night because my models only come during the day. I live in Texas so we get plenty of light coming in all the windows.

Thank you!!!!
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