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Carlos Ygoa Carlos Ygoa is offline
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Madrid is a good option also, don
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Apologies, Linda et al , for just posting a big batch - I'll separate out the above -- here are Linda's paintings.
Attached Images
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Sharon Knettell Sharon Knettell is offline
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Oh good grief!


I just saw this! I had GREAT students, needless to say! It was so much fun!

My piece disappointed me! My background was dark blue and not dry, even in 2% humidity, overnight with Galkyd, so I THE GREAT MASTER had to BLOB the colors in. I would mix the perfect color of pink instead of painting I had to knife it in to get the correct color. It was quite a loose painting needless to say! I was also wardrobe mistress and could not mix the paints 'til I got the models into a corsetted costume which ain't easy! But thank God I had several exceptional students who got it so right. I am SO PROUD of them. The results were gorgeous!

The pastel demo turned out much better, but I left it at the school for an auction and I have no picture.

Aren't the results fabulous!

Alex, sure if you want an old Yankee crank.

Carlos, how much wine?
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Old 03-21-2007, 10:39 AM   #14
Michele Rushworth Michele Rushworth is offline
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Sounds like a great class -- sorry I missed it!

Question: Sharon, do you use Galkyd often? How do you like it?
Michele Rushworth
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Old 03-21-2007, 12:05 PM   #15
Alexandra Tyng Alexandra Tyng is offline
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Sharon, if its any consolation, my demos in class are NEVER what I want them to be. I hardly get a chance to get into painting, frankly. My mind is always on something else, worrying about paying attention to the students, taking too much time, etc.

Originally Posted by Sharon Knettell
Alex, sure if you want an old Yankee crank.
I think we can put up with you Don't forget I'm used to Yankees.! I We can even get some wine though it won't compare to what you can get in Madrid.

Linda, that's a fabulous batch of work. Chris, too. In fact, all the student work looks inspired.
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Old 03-21-2007, 01:00 PM   #16
Sharon Knettell Sharon Knettell is offline
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I would not use it it except for demos. My friend Bill, an exceptional flower painter found it yellows. I only use it if I am in a hurry to put a ground on a canvas, as I was in this workshop. Michael Harding told me not to even do that as it threatens the paint bonding to the canvas.

It was quite a class with Chris on one side and Linda on another furiously painting away! Linda was doing yoga stretches with those long skinny legs of hers to loosen up!

Alex, Thanks!You are quite a great colorist yourself!

Yeah that too, plus having some exceptional painters in the class. I could not start painting until I had the model in the costume. The costume was complex as it was designed after Degas and was a real corset with iron stays, a busk etc.. The length of the cord in the back was yards long and had to be tied in a rather complex way. Then there was the final touches with the bows, flowers and rouging. The costumes cost a fortune and I did not want to touch them with paint on my hands.

The effect, I think was quite magical. The dancers looked like giant flowers. I was so jealous, I was not painting!

Linda and Chris's work were beautiful.

Michele, Ilaria, Alex, Carlos and Thomasin; it would have been indeed an historic class if you all were there

I must stop here and praise the efficiency, professionalism of the Scottsdale Artists School. It would not have happened without their dedicated effort and kindness.
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