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Nora Sallows Nora Sallows is offline
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Ultramarine Blues and their properties

I have a question about Ultramarine Blue and Ultramarine Blue Deep. Could someone explain the difference between the two colors and their properties? I have been using them almost interchangeably and can't really discern the difference between them. My UB deep is WN and it seems to be less opaque than Ultramarine Blue. That could be my imagination I suppose. I love the airiness I can achieve with this color but I was just curious about what the "deep" in general means to paint manufacturers.
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Allan Rahbek Allan Rahbek is offline
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Hi Nora, and welcome to the forum, I see that this is your first post

I would try out the mixing potentials of the two Blue's.

First mix them with White to see which is the strongest. Naturally, mixing with Titanium White makes the strongest blue opposed to mixing with Flake White or Zinc.

Then try how they mixes with Crimson Red to decide which one makes the cleanest Purple.

I don't think that I have ever used the Ultramarine Blue straight from the tube, so unless the Light Ultramarine is very light, I would let the mixing potentials be my guide.
Allan Rahbek
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Nora Sallows Nora Sallows is offline
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Thank you for your reply, Allan. I was not thinking clearly when I posted although that has always been a question in my mind-- why they make deep and regular, but recently I purchased FRENCH Ultramarine Blue and used it for a few pieces. This is what I really want to know-- why do they make this? It seems to be very weak- perhaps on purpose? Also it is a bit grainier. What makes it this way? I always like to learn a bit about the background of what I have on my palette. Earth colors are easy...so maybe French Ultramarine is just a different grade of stone from France. I did just wonder if anyone was aware of why there are so many versions of this color that I really love and cannot live without. I mean- there has to be a REASON. Then again- maybe not.
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