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Portrait Project 9-11

This section is intended strictly for portraits created via the Portrait Project 9-11 coordinated my Margaret Herman McArthur, SOG member Wendy' McArthur's sister, and established in conjunction with the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.

Details posted here by Cynthia Daniel are as follows:
Thanks for your inquiry about the portrait project. Families have been a little slower than anticipated about getting in touch with us, but our contact in NYC assures me that, as one might imagine, families are still very stressed. I'm hopeful that success breeds interest, and we are working very well with the artists and families who have started the portrait process. I'm sending the first letter that went out to interested artists which should describe the particulars of the project. I will also add your name to our artist list and will plan to send occasional e-mail updates until we send you the name of a family. Many thanks for joining our growing project. Margaret

Dear Portrait Artist,

I offer thanks in several languages as we have had offers for our memorial portrait project from artists around the world: danke, merci, gracia, dank u wel! We thank you all for your enthusiasm and generosity. Thanks to all who included web sites for review and to those who added comments or suggestions. The details of the project are as follows:

Coordinated through the Uniformed Fire Officers Assoc.(UFOA), a letter will be sent this week to families of firefighters who lost a family member on Sept. 11, 2001. The letter will explain the memorial project, the nature of the gift to the family, and will include general details about posthumous portraits (photo recommendations, good quality photo reproductions for the artist,etc.) Given the trauma these families have endured, we are trying hard to be sensitive and thoughtful about timing while getting this project off the ground. To that end, we are not including a deadline for response but I will work to connect families and artists quickly as responses come in.

As families respond, I will put a family in touch with an artist, or vice versa, pending the advice of the UFOA. We would like to suggest a head and shoulders portrait, either 20x24 or 24x30. Details such as portrait medium, number and variety of photos requested, schedule for portrait work and completion will be left up to the individual artist. I see my role as a coordinator and clearinghouse rather than as an intermediary once the artist/family connection has been made. I will certainly be available for problem-solving should the need arise. I would like to be informed about portrait progress and notified once a portrait is completed. In the best of worlds, I would love to have many more artists than we need (and should this happen, we'll expand the scope of the project, perhaps, to include policemen and women, and then on from there.)

This is a huge undertaking, and I can't thank you enough for your willingness to commit your time and talents. Your sensitivity and professional approach is greatly appreciated and, ultimately, the likeness of a loved one lost in the madness of September 11 will be a gift for posterity.

I hope that this note explains the scope and particulars of our project. If, after reading this, the project is NOT one you are willing to sign on for, please e-mail me and I will remove your name from our artist list. Otherwise, your original e-mail inquiry (or sign-up, as it were!) assumes that you are now a valued participant in the PORTRAIT PROJECT 911. Update to follow as we hear from families. Many thanks.

Margaret Herman McArthur
We recognize that other members have painted 9-11 memorial portraits that are not of firefighters, and ask that they be posted in the regular unveilings section. Please begin your topic with "9-11 Memorial portrait...", then the title of the painting.
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