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October 7-10, 2016, Ashburn, VA: For Love or Money

Please join me in Ashburn. VA (just outside DC) for a portrait painting workshop, hosted by Debra Keirce.

This four-day workshop is designed to provide hands-on skills necessary to paint portraits successfully. The course is focused on gaining painting skills by working from life with a special emphasis on seeing, mixing and painting color in light, and in shadow. Drawing skills and specific portrait measuring techniques will be emphasized to achieve likeness, giving students a solid plan to continue to work on improving their results.

Because so many portrait painters must rely on photographs to execute portraits, I will address the specific set of skills painters need to produce excellent resource material. Included are topics of lighting and dressing the model, selection and application of various light sources, conducting the photo shoot, and how to secure the best possible printed resource material.

Additionally, this workshop focuses on the challenges of becoming a successful commission portrait artist, which involves much more than just painting well. Topics include: presenting yourself and your work effectively, client relations, understanding your market, embracing and sifting through social media and the Internet presence, and developing your own business plan.

From Deb:

Tuition is $595 which includes a digital copy of Chris's book For Love or Money: A Business Handbook For Portrait Painters
Also included, snacks, beverages, light lunch, use of easel, model fee

Acceptable Payments:

Check made out to:
Debra Keirce
21454 Basil Court
Ashburn, VA 20148

Call me at 571-236-0047 if you would like to provide credit or debit card information. Note that cards will be charged $616 to cover Square Register merchant fees.
PayPal: (Note, if you tick the box for goods and services, send $613 to cover PayPal fees)
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