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You know, that sort of question to fix or leave always comes down to the question of "is there anything more this painting can teach me?"

Given that you have varnished it...not sure what you used and how difficult it would be to get off...that might make your decision for you as well.

As for how to photograph a painting...I have always done it by placing lights at about 45 degree angles to the face of the work - both left and right. I purchased photo lights with umbrella reflectors that I use. I usually lightly oil in (not sure if you have an equivalent in acrylic or not) so any areas that might have sunk in will be vibrant and hopefully the work will not have too much gloss overall.

You can also do it outside on a more cloudy day where the light is even, though if the work has sheen/shine to it, you will still likely see some in the photo. Sometimes you can do a very slight angle down to help eliminate the sheen, but slight enough that it does not negatively distort the work.

Hope that helps!
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