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I just found a non-toxic product for cleaning brushes that I love. I had been having neurological problems as a result of using Gamsol several years ago so I researched non-toxic products. I found that all the artists products that claimed to be non-toxic were quite disappointing. Then I found something called the Sporny Solution developed by an art professor at Marshall Univ. in WV who was chemically sensitive. I used the brush cleaner and liked it very much but when I went to buy more I found that Professor Sporny had died suddenly and the product was no longer available.

I tried to get information about what he had used but was simply told that it was a product used in cosmetics and other uses - not enough to go on. So I went back to cleaning my brushes with safflower oil, which did work, but was horribly gooey and messy.

Then the other day I bought a little bottle of vitamin D3 drops. The drops were in a light oily base. I was reading the label and noticed the words, " contains fractionated coconut oil" Huh? Hello? I wonder if that is what was in the Sporny brush cleaner???

So I went online to look it up and found that you can buy pure fractionated coconut oil as massage oil. So I bought some. Without a chemical analysis I can't say for sure it is the same thing as the Sporny, but it sure looks, smells, and acts like it. I might add that coconut oil is the best thing you can put on skin and hair (including natural brush bristles).

I have been using it and I love it. But you must be careful to keep the oil out of your paint as it is non-drying. For thinning paint I use walnut oil, and if needed I still use a few drops of artists turpentine. I keep the turp in a little metal solvent dispenser from Alvin that keeps it from evaporating and dispenses one drop at a time.
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