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Good question Lacey,

WOW! You work in the dark? I can hardly wait to see your work when you get some light. Oh well, so much for my attempt at being funny and complimentary.

My studio space is limited so I rely mostly on photography references. But in workshops that I have attended and drawing sessions I go to the studio space is large enough to light the model separate from the lights that illuminate our work surfaces.

I assume from your post that your studio is limited like mine. I have put up color correct fluorescent bulbs (2) over my work surface and turn off other lights. When necessary I can set up a light stand with a daylight bulb for a model. This would only be for quick last minute adjustments if necessary. My space is too small for any long term modeling. My work surface light doesn't interfere with the model light even in my tight quarters.

I hope this helps.
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