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Art news: Joseph Solman died in his sleep, aged 99

Hi everyone, here's news to those who knew the man, or at least know about him. Just thought you should be concerned.


Joseph Solman, Founder of The Ten, died in his Sleep at 99

[SIZE=3]NEW YORK.-Joseph Solman died in his sleep, at his long-time home in New York City, on April 16th, 2008. Joseph Solman was an American painter, a founder of The Ten, a group of New York City Expressionist painters in the 1930s. His best known works include his "Subway Gouaches" depicting travellers on the New York subways.

Brought to America from Russia as a child in 1912, Joseph Solman was a prodigious draftsman and knew, in his earliest teens, that he would be an artist. He went straight from high school to the National Academy of Design, though he says he learned more by sketching in the subway on the way back from school late at night: people
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