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Hi Michael

Thank you for a great reply Michael, I really appreciated it. Work has been busy and I haven't had a chance to reply till now, so sorry.

Yes it is Acrylic and the photo is bad with a sheen across it which also makes it appear flatter and it is burnt umber to boot.

There was multiple lighting on the model. A photographic light on high left and fluro lighting on the ceiling which created weird lighting and my inexperience didn't reduce it down. I was sitting in on a group session and didn't realise the effects it made until I painted her. I first sketched her and then took a photo which I then painted from.

I also ran out of time to finish it.

The sunken in effect might be the photo colours as I haven't learnt to use photo software yet. I just uploaded straight from the camera. I had trouble shooting it. It didn't matter which way I moved it, it would put a glare on it. I went outside and placed it on a mdf board on the ground and stood over the top of it to take it. If you have any ideas how to photograph a painting well, I am all ears?

I actually forgot about cooling the shadow as it turns and alot of other basic form details, it seems. My creativity has been starved (non-existent while completing a degree) so I relied on my memory to create it. I will need to relearn the basics (from the forum) of do's and don'ts to get me back up to speed.

It is varnished, should I try to fix it or leave it?

Thanks again.

Ngaire Winwood
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