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You can find a complete review of your camera at this link. This is the "conclusion" page of the review:

From this page I noticed this item on the "Con" segment:

"Some purple fringing and corner softness"

In looking over the review it would seem that this camera is capable of taking quality photographs. However, it does have limitations, even as it was evaluated back in '85. We have come a very long way in digital photography in the last 8 years, and this camera was a bit of a compromise back then. Still, it would seem to be sufficient, except that sufficiency is not what you seek.

Perfection is elusive and rare, my southern himispherical brother.

Agree, but it would be nice to try and get close. Problem is the bar is always being raised.
You might consider taking your painting to a photo studio and have it photographed with state of the art equipment. Or maybe you have a friend with a recent, seriously appointed DSLR. This would, I think, resolve in your mind just where your problem lies.

It's not kind to try and fool old people, or old equipment. We're making our way as best we can.
Mike McCarty
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