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Hi Lacey!

I prefer to work in daylight. . . especially for skin. If you can set up so that the model is illuminated by a windowlight and your surface is as well. . . That works well. I like to set up my easel about 8 feet in and mostly sideways to a window. (Note: It helps to have the window to the opposite side of the your painting hand. . . and the canvas arranged so that it is turned slightly towards the window. I find it really distracting for my hand/brush to be making shadows on the canvas where I'm trying to paint! 'Course that could be just me! The sideways angle to the window also helps diminish glare on your canvas while you're working. . . )

When I have to work at night, I use 65K bulb(s) (Catalog number FC42/S65 from set a ways behind me and to the side and bounced off of the ceiling to make more of an ambient rather than direct light. . . I don't actually like my surface to be too brightly lit. . . as I find that causes my painting to wind up too dark. . .

Not sure if that's clear. . . I could put together a diagram, if you think it'd help. . .?
Terri Ficenec
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