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Originally Posted by Donna Johnson
Hi Justin,
I did the drive from Redlands to LAAFA and I thought it was worth it. You might also consider Glenn Vilppu at the Animation Guild in NoHo. It is not quite as far and much more affordable. I don't think you could find a better anatomy teacher on the planet. He uses live models in all of his classes (and a skeleton). I only say that because I actually went to a "week long pose from life class" (in another state) and got a skull instead.
I just wanted to stop back by this thread to say that I am currently attending Glenn Vilppu's life drawing and anatomy classes at the Animation Guild. What a fantastic person and teacher. Thanks for the advice Donna. It took me a while to take it, but I did eventually get around to it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also checked out the open studio at DA Center for the Arts (Pamona, CA). It was well worth the $8. Very casual and so far so good with experienced models. Anyway, thought I would mention it for those located near the area.
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