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Lacey--If you don't mind the variation in light so much, you can try of the putting thin white butcher paper, which is similar to tracing paper and comes on rolls, over the windows. This will diffuse the light and even it out much better than just clear glass. The problem comes on partly cloudy days when the sun is first striking the paper making the light source warm and intense then a cloud comes by, the room darkens, and the light turns cool. So days like this of course would be completely unacceptable. On the other hand if you have overcast days, your south facing window will act as a north light and work very well.

Having full sunlight on your palette in your canvas is not a good idea. The light is too intense and the painting will look terrible in any other light than full sunlight.

Not considering your lack of budget, the best way to handle it would be to block of the windows completely and setup artificial lighting. Not very financially practical though.
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