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Justin, it is plain to see that you have thought this through for you have named most all the important steps one should consider.

Being that you would like to tackle figurative work and that this appeals to you then you should consider a good instructor. It is one thing for a artist to do good work it is another to be able to pass that what he/she knows to others. So, a safe bet is a good balance between the two. Being that you are not able to travel far then look on line the ARC web page is a good start and find the best instruction that you can. Do not shortchange your self here for the foundational drawing must be solid and the best that you can get is the way to go.

As for the Bargue plates there is much on this forum to get you started even to receive critique. I have worked with a number of people, on line, walking them through the first steps. Even here personal instruction a tutor is a must have but the first plates can be accomplished even long distance and its the cheapest. When I was at the academy it cost me close to 5000 every three months but then I did not have the responsibilities that you have. Still, you can get the best there where you are if you think all this through and it will not cost you nearly as much as it cost me.

One more thing if the chance comes up and you are able to take a short corse outside your area then I personaly would consider Zhaoming Wu I think he teaches in Frisco and Anthony Ryder and I think he is In Fenix or near by. They are close to you and they are top notch instructors and artists. Each has a the same approach but a different finish. Look them up and see if this appeals to you. Each is a superb draftsman which should be your basic and the foundation of your study.

I hope this will help.

All the best to you

P.S. it is not how good the model is rather the instruction and the approach that should take presidence
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