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Michele Rushworth
SOG Member
FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 07-09-2001 3,460 12-07-2015 Michele Rushworth's Avatar
Mike McCarty
SOG Member
'03 Finalist Taos SOPA
'03 HonMen SoCal ASOPA
'03 Finalist SoCal ASOPA
'04 Finalist Taos SOPA
  find.gif 12-16-2001 2,674 07-12-2023 Mike McCarty's Avatar
Alexandra Tyng
Juried Member
home.gif find.gif 05-26-2005 2,485 03-18-2014 Alexandra Tyng's Avatar
Chris Saper
SOG Member
FT Professional, Author
'03 Finalist, PSofATL
'02 Finalist, PSofATL
'02 1st Place, WCSPA
'01 Honors, WCSPA
Featured in Artists Mag.
home.gif find.gif 06-27-2001 2,481 02-16-2017 Chris Saper's Avatar
Cynthia Daniel
Send a message via ICQ to Cynthia Daniel Send a message via AIM to Cynthia Daniel Send a message via MSN to Cynthia Daniel Send a message via Yahoo to Cynthia Daniel home.gif find.gif 06-26-2001 2,129 01-08-2024 Cynthia Daniel's Avatar
Steven Sweeney
Juried Member
PT 5+ years
  find.gif 11-09-2001 1,801 08-26-2020 Steven Sweeney's Avatar
Linda Brandon
Juried Member
home.gif find.gif 07-18-2001 1,734 05-13-2013 Linda Brandon's Avatar
Kimberly Dow
Juried Member
FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 07-04-2003 1,713 07-07-2009 Kimberly Dow's Avatar
Allan Rahbek
Juried Member
home.gif find.gif 03-05-2004 1,642 05-25-2013 Allan Rahbek's Avatar
Jean Kelly
Associate Member
  find.gif 09-14-2002 1,567 07-08-2013  
Patricia Joyce
'09 Third Place PSOA Ohio Chapter Competition
home.gif find.gif 08-14-2003 1,483 N/A Patricia Joyce's Avatar
Garth Herrick
SOG Member
FT Professional
'09 Honors, Finalist, PSOA
'07 Cert of Excel PSOA
'06 Cert of Excel PSOA
'06 Semifinalist, Smithsonian OBPC
'05 Finalist, PSOA
home.gif find.gif 03-15-2004 1,445 11-03-2011 Garth Herrick's Avatar
Elizabeth Schott
SOG Member
Featured in Int'l Artist
home.gif find.gif 09-24-2002 1,416 N/A Elizabeth Schott's Avatar
Enzie Shahmiri
Associate Member
SoCal-ASOPA Founder
FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 09-20-2002 1,395 04-07-2013 Enzie Shahmiri's Avatar
Julie Deane
Juried Member
home.gif find.gif 09-13-2003 1,298 03-16-2018 Julie Deane's Avatar
Mary Sparrow
Juried Member
Send a message via ICQ to Mary Sparrow home.gif find.gif 07-24-2001 1,120 07-10-2019 Mary Sparrow's Avatar
Karin Wells
FT Pro, Mem SOG,'08 Cert Excellence PSA, '02 Schroeder Portrait Award Copley Soc, '99 1st Place PSA, '98 Sp Recognition Washington Soc Portrait Artists, '97 1st Prize ASOPA, '97 Best Prtfolio ASOPA
home.gif find.gif 06-28-2001 1,114 09-08-2014 Karin Wells's Avatar
Marvin Mattelson
SOG Member
FT Professional
'04 Merit Award PSA
'04 Best Portfolio PSA
'03 Honors Artists Magazine
'01 Second Prize ASOPA
Perm. Collection- Ntl. Portrait Gallery
Perm. Collection- Met
Leads Workshops
home.gif find.gif 05-07-2002 1,093 N/A Marvin Mattelson's Avatar
Claudemir Bonfim
Juried Member
PT Professional
Send a message via MSN to Claudemir Bonfim home.gif find.gif 05-30-2004 1,042 08-13-2021 Claudemir Bonfim's Avatar
Terri Ficenec
SOG Member
home.gif find.gif 08-11-2003 1,028 12-02-2018 Terri Ficenec's Avatar
Michael Georges

FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 11-26-2001 846 N/A Michael Georges's Avatar
Tom Edgerton
SOG Member
'02 Finalist, PSA
'01 Merit Award, PSA
'99 Finalist, PSA
home.gif find.gif 07-01-2001 819 N/A Tom Edgerton's Avatar
Thomasin Dewhurst
'06 Artists Mag Finalist, '07 Artists Mag Finalist, ArtKudos Merit Award Winner '08
home.gif find.gif 11-29-2006 732 02-27-2017 Thomasin Dewhurst's Avatar
Mischa Milosevic
Juried Member
FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 12-21-2005 707 11-04-2012  
Lon Haverly
Juried Member
FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 02-09-2002 698 02-21-2015 Lon Haverly's Avatar
Jimmie Arroyo
Juried Member
home.gif find.gif 08-08-2002 671 09-05-2007  
Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Juried Member
home.gif find.gif 04-22-2004 640 06-08-2011 Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco's Avatar
SB Wang
SOG Member
FT Professional
home.gif find.gif 07-11-2001 587 03-20-2023 SB Wang's Avatar
Heidi Maiers
SOG Member
home.gif find.gif 06-29-2003 549 08-18-2014 Heidi Maiers's Avatar
Jeff Fuchs
Juried Member
Guy who can draw a little
  find.gif 12-04-2002 546 08-23-2020 Jeff Fuchs's Avatar
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