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Originally Posted by Justin Snodgrass
I remember watching one of my professors give a demonstration on painting skin tones. She had a student sit in front of her and then immediately starting mixing and painting as she talked. In less than 20 minutes she had amazingly recreated the young man's face. She did this with several other students and with the same amazing results. Come to find out, she had been a portrait painter for 20 years. She completed the painting via pure instinct and without thought or care. I remember thinking to myself, "THAT, is what I want to be able to do". This thread has brought me back to that feeling and re-sparked that same flame.
Your answer seems to be implicit in this paragraph. You witnessed an act of creativity and felt the spark, a thrill that for many diminishes with each layer of intermediate
Steven Sweeney

"You must be present to win."
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I think that Chris and Steven have pointed it out very well. I don't care about how you achieve your results, but those guys who don't work from life are missing all the fun.
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[QUOTE=Steven Sweeney] . . . You . . . felt the spark, a thrill that for many diminishes with each layer of intermediate
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More great posts. My mind has been racing non-stop about all of this. There has been so much in me that has been revived from this thread. Thank you.
Originally Posted by Chris Kolupski
Check out the student gallery here: http://www.studioincamminati.org/gallery.php -All of it painted from life, and painted very very swiftly.
Wow. Very inspiring.

I am at a fork in my path and have much to think about.

I started to ask a few questions here as to my next steps, but I think they would be better suited in the School, Atelier and Workshop Discussion area of the forum.

Thanks again for the great insight.
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