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Natalie Hunsaker Natalie Hunsaker is offline
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Artist Friends Create Creativity

I'm sold on having more artist friends--what a great way to spur creativity!

Mara and I met on the forum recently and, by coincidence, realized that she was staying in the town next to mine for the Holidays. Excited, I invited her to my studio to chat about art. After a great conversation, we decided to have a little fun with my paints and some scrap plywood.

Although I can't speak for Mara, I must say that I was so energized by our visit. She stretched me to be looser with my brush, more purposeful in my emphasis, and more spontaneous with my ideas. She made me realize that I'm not the only artist to go through a phase of feeling more like a "painter" than an "artist"--a "copier" instead of a "creator"--and that starting out as a copyist painter doesn't preclude you from being an expressive artist. Although both of us are finding our styles and developing our creativity, I felt just as excited and inspired as when working with a seasoned professional. Something about working with another artist is just . . . wonderful. Thanks for coming, Mara!

If anyone is interested, our results were neither portrait nor figure work, but Mara did hers in 20 minutes (the vertical composition) and mine took 30 minutes (the square composition).
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Mara Schasteen Mara Schasteen is offline
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It was so fun!

I agree! Connecting with another artist is really awesome. Suddenly, I have a friend to share this part of me with, something I have not had in the past. It was really amazing how much we had in common! I only wish we lived closer so that painting together could occur more than maybe once a year.

Thank you so much for inviting me over, Natalie. I feel that really good things may come from this visit. We could be like Monet and Renoir ... haha! Thanks for posting the orchid photos. What fun!
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Patricia Joyce Patricia Joyce is offline
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Important Experience

How wonderful for the two of you. I can relate to the energy and good vibes and growth which come from artist connections. I miss living near Julie Dean! She is an inspiring friend of mine who is sadly, now, too many miles away

Yesterday, at my family's Christmas gathering (over 50 members to my family) my niece came with her art portfolio (a recent grad from Cleveland State University,a very talented printer). She brought it upstairs to one of my sister's bedrooms to a private viewing between herself, my nephew (Baltimore) a painter, and myself. I had so much fun beiing the "elder" artist in our family. Her enthusiasm and energy and excitement for her work is so contagious. Listening to she and my nephew share the particular processes of printmaking was interesting. Anytime artists get together, no matter our method, or medium, or processes,that magical energy flows.

Your paintings you posted here are bright and energetic and very beautiful, a lovely souvenier of a lovely time spent with another artist!
Pat Joyce
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