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Judson Eneas Judson Eneas is offline
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FinePix Viewer problem

Recent developments have stated that a persons painting that is posted on this site has to be 100kb maximun. I was wondering how that is done with a fine pix viewer program. Another problem that I have is that I am trying to resize my painting to change the dimensions from 797w*950 l to 400 w * 477 l , in order to post the images on this site, but whenever I try to do that it goes right back to its original dimensions. What is wrong? Remember that I am using FinePix Viewer.
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Steven Sweeney Steven Sweeney is offline
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Judson, have you been using the Fine Pix Viewer in the past to post images here? And if so, have you successfully used a Resize feature, or is this the first time you've had to think about resizing?

I was under the impression that this Viewer is image transfer software bundled into Fuji and Fine Pix cameras, and that the camera-to-PC/Mac transfer and management (rotation, sorting, archiving, CD burning) was the bulk of what it was intended to do. That is, I don't know that it has a lot of image editing capability. It's difficult to get information on.

For under $100, you can get Photoshop Elements to do your resizing and about 10,000 other things that most users never even discover. You'd just import your Fine Pix files into Elements and the rest is point and click. I know that's not the "solution" you were looking for, but having a Photoshop capability would open up a huge world of image editing. Sizing images for posting would be a snap.
Steven Sweeney

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