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3 Commissions - Children Need help

Hello everyone,

I hope I am in the right area for this. Anyway, I have 2 little girls ages 5 & 4 and a little fella age 1.

Client doesn't have any photos and is looking to me for take the pictures, and I am having to do it on location which is there home. So, right off I am at a disadvantage I think as I am unaware of the surroundings for lighting consideration.

When I have models in my studio I use my Canon Rebel T3 and with clamp window lighting and reflectors I get some really decent shots.

I am really concerned about how to go about shooting the 1 year old, I mean can I really expect him to hold a pose ... need help!!!

The two girls love to pose as can be seen by a pencil sketch I did of one of them here on my site ... http://mbstudiosart.wordpress.com/

Should I take them outside? or remain indoors? Client is leaving this up to me.

I am nervous on this one, so any suggestions .. inspiration is much appreciated.

Each child on their own canvas, this is not a group shot nor does the client want one.
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Mike McCarty Mike McCarty is offline
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I have been in this position and it's a little scary.

I would bring those things with you that you would normally use at home. Find the best window light you can and do what you do.

One year old kids are problematic in many ways. Move a coffee table into the best window light and set up your camera and tripod. Have someone plop the kiddo onto the table after your set up and snap away. This will elevate them and help with the problem of shooting down to the top of their head.

Put the other kids in a chair, again in the best light you can find.

I would avoid going outside. Your best chance of controlling the kids is indoors and you will have a more predictable light source.

Another thing is to have as many people leave the room as you can. One assistant to help is all you need and the others can be a real distraction.

Basically, do there what you do at home. Make a check list of stuff to help remember: Batteries, tripod, reflecting board, etc.

Good luck,

Mike McCarty
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Mark Branscum Mark Branscum is offline
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Thank you Mike,

Good advice all the way around. I do like the coffee table idea to elevate the subject.
I was thinking of the girls in a chair too, I am practicing here in my studio.

Distraction due to the amount of people that one I will put at the top of my list.
I am really nervous about the little guy, if it wasn't for him I think I could pull this off with very little trouble, but he has me worried.

Thank you much appreciated
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