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Temporary Solution

Hello everyone and thank you!

I have been a little overwhelmed with trying to fix the hole but I have a temporary fix. I am very lucky because this is not a commission it is for my own use and perhaps competition.
There are some great ideas out there for fixing this problem. I have heard everything from using hot glue to remounting. A very kind gentleman named Gary Watson sent me very detailed advice on how to glue and remount the piece. I still may do this in the future. I am under a time constraint (I have to show it this week) so I took the easy way out. A friend of mine who is a framer suggested gummed linen tape since it is archival and can be removed if further work is needed. Her advice was to iron my painting from the back with paper between the iron and the linen before the patch was put on. I was astounded by how ironing alone flattened the tear and made it impossible to feel from the front. She then placed the lightly moistened tape over the tear. There is a problem with the outline of the patch showing up in certain light but I can live with that for now. On the front I lightly rubbed gesso to the area to coat the raw threads of the canvas and am now repainting the area. I brought the canvas to my painting group and asked them to find the mistake. They all gave me a critique on the work but no one noticed the damage so I think I am OK for the mean time. Thank you again for all the advice and I will ask Gary's permission to post what he sent me. I have also posted the painting, you can play "Where's Waldo?" and see if it is that obvious.

Vianna Szabo
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Isn't our new member from Russia a restorator? Check in New Member Introductions. His name is Andrey.
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Do not use glue!!!

Sometimes using glues may shrink the area where you applied it.

You can use those sorts of tapes (sorry, I don
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Canvas Repair solution

The repair should be made using BEVA 371 conservator's glue with a canvas or linen patch. The glue is thermal setting and reversible by heating above 160 F. More info can be found at http://www.conservators-products.com...solution.htmhe
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