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Originally Posted by Mischa Milosevic
Tammy, the cross brace or just the rusty nails or indication of nails here or there could be just the thing. I think if they point to the leaf it would be ideal being that the leaf points to the face.
Mmmm, using a combination of nail heads, wood knots, splits and/or wood grain will definitely be a good composition solution here. I love how the split in that horizontal board just happens to direct your eyes right to the boy and the leaf. If not over-done it can be employed purposefully a time or two more without becoming noticeable or contrives.

I realized after I posted about the cross-piece that that structure wouldn't be on this section of the barn because what is seen is not the door. It still could be used by making it a door there instead of the wall where the door slides over though. I will play around will the possibilities and see what looks best, but I am leaning toward the knots, splits, and nails at the moment.

I had not thought of how that gray is balancing out the intensity of the red. You made an excellent point. It will be another area to play around with to see what combinations work best. I am loving this piece more and more. It has been so much fun to work on!
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I like the way you think.
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