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Before posting for critique (inlcuding Resource Photo Critiques)

1. Be really sure you want and are ready for a critique. If you've already decided the work is good or complete as-is and you're really just looking for positive feedback, then the post belongs in the appropriate Unveilings section, not critiques.

You might be told that the direction you're going with a painting needs to be totally changed. In the case of a resource photo critique, you might be told you need to re-photograph the subject.

But, if you've already decided your painting is overall correct and you only want to know about "the shadows under the eyes" (for example), you've shut yourself off to possible learning opportunities and you've basically already told the critiquers you are not totally open to learning.

In the case of a resource photo critique, if you've already decided to paint a particular photo and only want positive reinforcement that it's workable, you've again cut yourself off from learning opportunities.

Under both these circumstances, critiquers will be less likely to respond. Always, critiquers will be more likely to respond when they see someone who is truly open to learning and willing to take some of the attendant hard-knocks that can go with it.

2. Seriously study other critiques that have gone before. There's much to be learned from those and quite possibly you'll find principles you can apply to improve your own painting before posting.

3. Apply analysis and self-criticism to the work before you post. If you've done step 2 above, you'll have more tools for number 3.
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