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Hey guys,

The few times I have hurled it, it did come back, and with a new Trekell brush in tow to boot! Now THAT'S_ an_ Artists hunting boomerang for sure!

This is as large as I'd like to go for myself, good for larger canvases though, lots of room to mix, less wiping off, and it just avoids being so large as to be in the way. It's about 21 x 15 inches overall. I'm going to make something a good deal smaller for small canvas work though.

I forgot about the "Toboika Turbo". Thanks for the smile in remembrance Michele.

I don't think you can patent a shape and surface, Linda.

Those waves are the cool part I like best Tim. Practical too.

Linda, I sure enough remember that you want one, and have first dibs.

I'm going to order myself a small sheet of Lexan and see if that material is either a viable option or improvement.

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