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Hey Terri,

Mostly I echo what's already been said so I'm not sure I have a lot to add, but I will say that my first inclination is to look for the play/pause buttons and arrow icons instead of the words. I also immediately look for them at the bottom of the image and when I didn't see them there, I didn't even realize I could scroll through (the one with the girl and her cat didn't automatically start the slideshow on my computer, but the one with the boy did). Anyway, seeing the arrows or icons at the bottom would have made me understand a little quicker than I did initially.

If that's a lot of work, and I built my website so I know these things take time, it may be best to keep it as is. Although it took me a minute to figure it out, I eventually did and enjoyed scrolling through your instructive and wonderfully rendered paintings. Well done!
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