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May I suggest two things?

When photographing your painting, try to have the lights coming at it from left and right, at a 45 degree angle. That decreases reflections from the surface.

As far as color correction, I HIGHLY suggest investing in a program ICorrect by Pictographics. It's phenomenal for quickly and accurately adjusting colors, and you can add to your changes by using the "curves" feature in your software (I use Photoshop).

I have a fabulous Olympus E-10 professional digital camera, and a Mac G-4. My father has the E-20 and a PC. He is a retired professional photographer, and has taught me a ton about the ins and outs of getting a great shot from a digital camera and how to quickly get to a color correct and tonal corrected output.

We have both struggled with your dilemma, and both have found the best success by using the ICorrect program.

Hope this helps.

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