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Call for Writers, re-post!

The Portrait Society of America’s Cecilia Beaux Forum Literature Committee has been fortunate to have had benefit of the excellent research and writing skills of its volunteer authors over the past number of years. As many of their term commitments are coming to a close, we would like to invite interested members of the CBF to send a letter of interest to write for the Committee. Your commitment would include 1-2 articles per year over the next 3 years, of about 850 words each, on a mix of living and historical female artists. Subjects are suggested by writers and will be selected by the committee.

While the writers’ roles are not paid positions, the benefits are great – your articles and name will have incredible exposure throughout the PSA portrait community, and you will be contributing to the greater mission to support and expand the roles of women in portraiture art.

Please contact to advise of your interest, or you can contact me with any questions at
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