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Hello from Cairo, Egypt

Hi, my name is Muhammad Sida, I'm 32 years old & I've just started painting (seriously) a couple of weeks ago. Before I was a 3D modeler. I've been doing it for 10 years.
I had sort of an art education when I was 17 years old at the university but unfortunatly it was more of a 5 year vacation than an education.

I learnt nothing, but I went from a teenager who barely touches a book to someone who spends everything he earns on'em. (Going from zero to hero so to speak isn't really that easy)

So I guess I'm mostly self taught. I'm here because I don't want to be the occasional artist anymore.

I'm attaching a portrait of my wife on a round canvas diameter is 30cm.
- A black & white portrait from a black & white photograph of my wife, dimensions are 10x15cm.
- A master copy with a detail that I never had a chance to finish, did it in my spare time for fun and practice a while back, a collector took it away. He said it was great like that... dimensions are 10x15cm.

I hope you guys like my work.
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