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Originally Posted by Michele Rushworth View Post
Hi Muhammad, and welcome to the forum. I know everyone will appreciate your lovely work!

You mentioned "the wrong oil" yellowed out a portrait you did. You may already know this but if it was linseed oil, putting the painting in bright light (a sunny window) will soon restore it to it's original color.
Well thank you very much Michele for the help I appreciate it a lot & I sure do hope so

Yes it was drying linseed oil, at the time I didn't know and I just painted over it. It didn't go as planned , it wasn't as luminous as the 1st pass so I decided to leave it. I'll be repainting it from scratch this week. And another one in the same style but of my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law ordered them.

I never had to copy myself before but this one was quite unique. Particularly because of its background, It was based of arabic numbers.
I think it's an opportunity for me to redesign a few things and maybe take another approach.

Back to the oil issue, I found my answer a year later on page 128 Chapter X of (The Painter's Methods and Materials) By A.P. Laurie.
It's an old book I found in my grandfather's library.
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