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Change to presentation of WIP on website?


My website is badly in need of updating, but I can never seem to get motivated to work on it! One of the things I'm considering is changing the format of the on-the-easel section of my website to include a sort of slideshow of the progress of the work.

Slideshow (new) Format
Current Format

Would appreciate any comments on whether the potential new page layout formats correctly on your screen (should not be any scroll bars w/in the page...) and generally whether it's preferable to the old layout... Also whether it's clear how to run the sllideshow or whether the slideshow should be set to run automatically when the page is loaded (right now it doesn't). Not sure what I'd put where there's room for the text with the slide show... or whether will actually use that feature or not. . .

Thanks for any feedback!
Terri Ficenec
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