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Critique 'Things That Endure' Please

I was going to wait until getting further along to post the WIP because I don't know how many of you can understand my wacky technique with its odd color shifts until the layers of primary colors are built up enough to settle down to the correct value and hue.

However, I do have come compositional concerns on this one that I would like to get feedback on before I get too much further along. The barn wall has very strong verticals and horizontals which must be carefully considered especially when the angle of the photo is slightly angled like this. Plus, I needed to just jump in to get over being intimidated to post my first critique request.

Digital manipulations welcome. I had to compress the images pretty heavily to stay under the forum size limit. If the images are too grainy or small, I can upload outside of the forum and link to them.

Copyright stuff: Permission has been granted by Erin, owner of Sweet Baby Photo, for this photo to be used for the painting.
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