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Heidi Maiers 08-13-2014 03:16 PM

170 tubes of quality oil paint
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My mom was a professional oil painter until she lost her sight a few years ago when she hit 90. I would just give these away, but they're not mine to give and I am a sculptor, not a painter, so can't use them. We're trying to liquidate my moms estate and put the proceeds of everything we can't use and will sell through garage sale, online, used book store sales, and such back to the estate for her to use at the retirement community, or to be dispersed amongst us kids when she no longer needs it. Sure she paid close to or over 2k for the lot of them, but don't expect anywhere near that for used.

I have 19 large tubes (5oz?) and 151 smaller tubes (40ml), so 170 total oil paint tubes to sell - and a boat load of acrylics and watercolors too, which aren't shown in this image.

Anyway, they are mostly all in good shape - only a few felt a little dried out that I tossed already. Tons of colors and a variety of quality brands. Several tubes of cobalt blue, ultramarine violets, a whole range (22 tubes) of cadmium reds/oranges/yellows - light and deep. Anyway, if interested in some or all, or looking for specific colors, send me a PM for more details or if you'd like to make an offer. I live near Vancouver Washington if anyone wants to come take a look or pick and choose.

Heidi Maiers 08-13-2014 04:42 PM

More info on some of these tubes. 36 of them are Winsor Newton paints which are pretty rare and stopped being made in 1991.
All 40ml size of the following colors. Almost all nearly full and all are still soft.

Cadmium orange 2 tubes
Cadmium lemon 2 tubes
Cadmium yellow pale 2 tubes
Naples yellow
Yellow ochre 2 tubes
Cadmium red
Cadmium red light
Light red 2 tubes
Sap green 3 tubes
Burnt umber 3 tubes
Raw umber 2 tubes
Burnt sienna 2 tubes
Windsor emerald
Windsor green
Windsor blue
Cobalt blue
Antwerp blue
Prussian blue
Flesh tint
Permanent rose
Ultramarine violet
Ivory black
Paynes gray

Mark Branscum 08-21-2017 01:34 AM

I would be interested in the oils ... MBStudios@hotmail.com

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